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A Tour of the Wine-Producing Business of the "Wine Road"


The most intriguing part of the Coast for lovers of biodiversity and wine and food is surely the inland part, with its numerous mountain paths and its dining tables.  Instead of the usual approach via Positano or Vietri, this time we start from Furore, reached, via Agerola, from the Castellamare exit on the Naples-Salerno motorway.

We suggest a simple path in order to encounter the reality of the businesses that have joined the “Strada” initiative.
In Furore, amongst vineyards, prickly pear cactuses and capers, we find the wine-producer Marisa Cuomo, and nearby the farmstead, Serafina, opposite the hotel Hostaria del Bacco and further down the Furore Inn Resort, all renowned for their cuisine as well as their hospitality.  A simple, straightforward idea for food-lovers, based on the quality of  prime quality ingredients.

Further down the main road, before reaching Amalfi, we turn off towards Praiano where we can visit “Il Gusto della Costiera”, a producer of infusions and liqueurs, an activity which marked a turning point in the ‘90s for the terraced lemon groves which protect the integrity of the coastal landscape.
In Amalfi, we can visit the Società Cooperativa Amalfitana di Trasformazione degli Agrumi, a producer of citrus fruit and infusions, and the ecological business of Massimo Anastasio, engaged in the cultivation of lemons, Amalfitan citrus and vegetables.

From Amalfi, we go up to Ravello, along the magical winding road.  Not to be missed, the historical wine-producers Cantine A. Sammarco, Episcopio and Ettore Sammarco.

On towards Tramonti, the real agricultural heart of the Coast, a municipality consisting of thirteen villages covered in greenery, with churches, convents and monasteries, the home of the wine producers Apicella, Reale (which is also a restaurant and inn), San Francesco and Monte di Grazia.  Sleep and eat at the farmsteads Acquabona, Costiera Amalfitana and Mare e Monti.  Territorial flavoursome cooking in Il Frescale country house, Cucina Antichi Sapori and the cuisine of the hotel and restaurant Zi ‘Ntonio,  Sleep at Pietrarosa Bed and Breakfast.

Back down to Maiori where we encounter the Gerardo Della Mura farm – grapes, olive and lemons; Agricola Sole and Bella Baia who specialise in lemons; the latter also has vineyards.  Not to be missed the liqueurs of  I Sapori di Terra Nostra.

Returning to Amalfi, we go through Minori where we meet another lemon producer, Lemon Sud.

Back to Amalfi where the magic circle closes.