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Attorney's Way

Via dell'Avvocata



Casa Imperato (Maiori) - Shrine Sanctuary * (Maiori) [short route]

Travel Time:

4 hours, in shadow, panoramic, easy access, from 20 m to 907 m asl, heliport, breathtaking views, shelter *, springs, secular lime.

From the Sanctuary you can reach the Badia of Cava or Tramonti, following other paths of varying difficulty and journey times.

* For access to the prior authorization of the Cava Badia.


The Path to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Advocate
It is the classic itinerary that unites the sacred with the profane, combining breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast and Amalfi Coast Amalfi Coast trail and the search for the divine through the long ascents walking to the Marian Shrine.

Every Monday after Pentecost, in fact, the Shrine is reached by the pilgrims of Cava and Maiori who thus renew their devotion to the Madonna of the Advocate. The wide open spaces overlooking the sea of ??this path push the visitor towards the contemplation of the Infinity.

The Sanctuary of the Appeal erected on Mount Falerzio on a rocky wall can be reached starting from the Badia di Cava using a mule track, the journey is longer but less demanding, or from Maiori via a long staircase. Avant-garde footpath - Coastal Amalfi

The itinerary that starts from the Benedictine Badia of Cava dei Tirreni, 380 m above sea level, through Dragonea of ??Vietri to the Shrine is a passage so much appreciated in the past by the nobleman Henry Swinburne in the '700, who loved' walking 'in Woods of the Amalfi Coast during its Italian stays.

For trekking and outdoor enthusiasts, it is good to know that this route crosses forests and chestnuts, and that the first stage is 566 m when Cape Water is reached at Dragonea's Old Chapel. On the marked path, you continue walking and losing it to reach Cetara and then back to the source of Acquafredda am 875, and during this path of the lawyer, there are notable views of the Amalfi Coast, both on the coasts and on the mountains crossing Woods of leccio, carpini and maples, chestnuts, and pastures in the Mediterranean scrub. The itinerary leads, besides a rocky rooftop to the west, to the Serra terminal terminal from which you climb to the top of the Mount of Attorney at 1014 meters to reach the Shrine of the Lawyer and rest.

The path to the Sanctuary of the Avvocato is of medium difficulty with duration of about 4/6 hours and a difference of 120 mt downhill and 600 uphill. Is the appropriate clothing? Comfortable, of course! Possibly long pants and comfortable shoes, up to the ankle, but above all do not forget the camera! Additionally, stock up with water, sunscreen and a cap.