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At the Convent of St. Nicholas

Al Convento di San Nicola

From Maiori to the Convent of St. Nicholas and Ravello CAI 315a


Route : from Maiori to Minori (Convent of San Nicola) to Ravello (Località Lacco) and in reverse.

Travel Time: 3 hours, in shadow, easy access, panoramic, from 483 m asl to 20 m asl, Montero di S. Nicola (for a visit ask the key to the parish priest of Minori).


The route leaves from Maiori, where you can get by car or by bus from the Sita Amalfi-Salerno line.

Start in Piazza D'Amato, located along the Regina Course, in the center of the village.

The route leads from Maiori to the Convent of St. Nicholas and then to Lacco di Ravello, where it engages on 315 which leads to the Alta Via dei Monti Lattari. It starts exactly in Piazza D'Amato (m 19), from which you can take the staircase leading to the Church of the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria a Mare, built in 1505. Continue along the same path up to m 143, where you have to turn Right to take what leads up to the m 460, where there is the branch that leads to the Convent of St. Nicholas, dating back to the 11th century (m 478). After the visit of the Convent, return to m 460 and take the main path leading to the Mandrino (m 442), an important intersection where the 315e stem comes from Tramonti and the 315d path, which allows you to arrive directly At the High Street of the Lattari Mountains. From Mandrino go downhill to the left, until reaching Sambuco (m 320). From Sambuco you have to drive the road to Ravello for about 2.5 km, until the climb up to Lacco di Ravello (m 376), where the route ends at the intersection with the 315 CAI.