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The environmental conditions and cultivation are traditional in the area, with vineyards well exposed to the sun at an altitude no higher than 650 metres above sea level.

The plantations, methods of cultivation, espalier or trellis, are necessary because of the conformation and the width of the terraces. Together with pruning techniques, they guarantee quality, producing a low quantity of shoots per branch and per hectare. In the new plantation, the density is not inferior to 1600 vines per hectare, with a maximum production per plant of 6 kg for red and rosé types and 7 kg for white.  The maximum amount of grapes per hectare must not exceed 110 metric tons for red and rosé and 120 for white.  This quantity per hectare for the wines of the Amalfi Coast designated with the names of the subzones Furore, Ravello and Tramonti must not exceed 90 metric tons for red and rosé and 120 for white.