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The Footpaths and Pathways between Sea and Sky 

I Sentieri e i Percorsi tra Mare e Cielo

In Amalfi Peninsula there are over 50 trails, a nature reserve. Many paths are listed in the CAI Guide, some are very famous; Not to be missed for the breathtaking scenery and the beauty of the crossed territories.

A different way to know and love this small flap of land contended by the sea and imprisoned in the mountains.

The reported paths represent only a part of the paths described and described in the Map of the Amalfi Coast Trail.

The Fjord of Furore

Route: Furore Fjord - Conca dei Marini

The path of Love

Route: Church of S.Elia (Furore)

The Path of Santa Maria dei Monti

Route: Campidoglio (Scala) - S. Maria dei Monti (refuge) - Campanaro - S. Caterina (Scala)

Path to the Cave of St. Lawrence

Route: Ravello / Scala Crossroads - St. Lawrence Cave

Tower of Ziro

Route: Pontone (Scala) Church of S. Maria - Tower of Ziro (Scala)

Valley of Ferries and Oasis of the Mountains of Scala

Route:  Pontone (Scala) - S. Giovanni Square, Prestofe street (panorama), Valley of the Ferriere (oasis *, waterfalls, iron ore ruins), Valley of the Mulines (old paper mills, S. Rita church) Amalfi.

Attorney's Way 

Route: Imperato House (Maiori) - Attorney's Sanctuary (Maiori)

From Ravello to Minori

Route:  Villa Rufolo (Ravello) - Minori

At the Convent of St. Nicholas

Route: Maiori - Minori - Ravello (Locality Lacco)

Joining strap with the Path of the Gods Low

Route: Arienzo street (Positano) - Nocelle (Positano)