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The Company
The farm is located halfway between the municipalities of Ravello and Minori, along an important pedestrian artery that sees a considerable number of tourists. Purchased by the owner's father in the 1950s, the fund was almost completely reduced to abandonment. The tenacious and constant work of the Della Mura family has led to the recovery of ancient and traditional crops: the vineyard, which produces DOC grapes, lemonade, currently enrolled in the IGP Coast of Amalfi, olive grove, PDO "Salernitane Hills", currently under certification. Another product of the company is lemon-flavored oil, naturally Blown Amalfi

Corporate production
Lemons I.G.P. Amalfi Coast
• D.O.C. Amalfi Coast
• Extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. "Salernitan Hills" Under certification)
• was flavored with several fragrances coming from

From farm produce
• chestnuts, Sorrento quality nuts
• seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Offered services
• Wine Road Map
• information material on the Road
• English-speaking staff
• sale of company products, which can be purchased at your own Point of sale, located in Minori via Cesare Carola, with Attached free parking for customers of the Wine Road
• guided tour of lemon groves, vineyards and olive groves
• excursions on foot or with a company car in Ravello, with Possibility of widening the visit to other municipalities joining the Wine Road and its companies

Opening / closing time
• All year round, subject to reservation with number specification of people.


Via Cesare Carola
84010 Minori (SA)

Phone: 089/853178
Mobile: 338.8757885