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Tower of Ziro

Torre dello Ziro

CAI 351b


Route: Pontone (Scala) Church of Santa Maria - Torre dello Ziro (Scala)

Travel Time: 

1 hour, partly in shade, easy access, from 250 m above sea level to 100 m asl, spectacular view from the Ziro Tower, wall equipped for free kimpling.

How to get to the trail:

The route starts from Pontone and exactly from Via Pisacane, which is the scale that meets on the left of the carriage from Ravello, at the height of the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine. You can also reach the SITA buses from the Amalfi-Ravello line passing through Pontone.

The route allows a visit to the Ziro Tower, where there was one of the fortified cities of the Ducato of Amalfi, called Castrum Scalelle. The route starts at the intersection between Via Pisacane and Via Fiume (240 m), where also the 351 CAI passes. From this crossroads proceed southwards to take the staircase leading to the entrance gate of the fortified town. Once in the area, turn right to take the steep staircase leading to the ruins of the castle. From there it continues in the south. At a height of 264 m there is a short deviation leading to a very panoramic viewpoint of the cities of Amalfi, Atrani and the Ziro Tower. Return to the main path and go down to 135 m, where you can admire this tower from the 15th century. The legend tells that in that tower was allowed to die in 1510 by Giovanna D'Aragona with his two sons, for the sake of his brother, Cardinal Luigi, who endured this dishonor by the fact that the sister, the widow of the Duke of Piccolomini, nephew of Pope Pius III, had been clandestinely married to the court butler, such as Antonio Bologna. After a visit to the Ziro Tower, you can also go back to the starting point to the lowest path, at about 230 m.