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Valley of Ferries and Oasis of the Mountains of Scala

Valle delle Ferriere e Oasi dei Monti di Scala



Pontone (Scala) - St. John's Square, Via Prestofe (panorama), Ferriere Valley (oasis *, waterfalls, iron foundries), Valle dei Mulini (old paper mills, church of S. Rita), Map Museum, Amalfi

Travel Time:

1 hour, in shadow, panoramic, easy access, from 250 m asl to 20 m asl, springs.


It starts from Pontone, a small hamlet of Scala dominated by the ruins of the church of Sant'Eustachio (XII century), of which only the apse is standing. Towards the valley stands the solitary and austere Tower of Ziro, which is dominated by Amalfi and Atrani at the same time.
The itinerary allows you to follow the course of the Canneto stream, one of the most uncontaminated and solitary corners of the Lattari Mountains Regional Park. For its wealth of water, this valley has in the past hosted some paper mills and ironworks. The metal came from the island of Elba, landed at Amalfi and was transported to mule back along the valley to the ferry, where the work was done. Energy was supplied by water and the heat needed for the fusion was obtained by burning wood, available in abundance. At the end of the excursion you arrive at Amalfi.
In the heart of Amalfi there is an unknown and wonderful world to discover, ready to enchant you with the spectacle of a prodigious nature. You just have to look beyond the beautiful and well-known coastal views to find yourself in a kaleidoscope of exciting and unimaginable scenarios that will surprise your eyes.
The "Valley of the Ferriere" Oriented Nature Reserve, an example of exceptional beauty, will surprise you with the variety of its colors, its light effects, its vegetation, alternating tropical areas with the more familiar areas of our Mediterranean scrub. You will enter an extraordinary oasis in which the play of cheerful springs creates, as for magic, suggestive stinging and inviting waterfalls: an incredible water supply that, dispersing in the environment, gives rise to very rare species of plants such as the " Woodwardia radicans ", a real" living fossil "dating back to the far Tertiary. It was first reported in 1710 by botany Micheli, this "queen" of preglacial flora, with its "giants", undivided, reaching 180 cm in length, is typical of hot regions with heavy rainfall: India, China, Azores , Spain and Portugal. In Italy it is very rare. In addition to this reserve, it has long been reported in Ischia, Calabria and Messina.

But in the Valley there are other lords of the flora, like some orchids with lively and many colors, and the "Pinguicola hirtiflora", a pretty carnivorous plant with pink flowers that loves to feed on small insects.
We are in an ideal habitat for many animal species, such as the "Glamor Salamander", harmless miniature amphibious, dark red with two clear spots on the head that have the task of making its appearance more terrific.
With a little luck, looking through the rivers Canneto, as already mentioned by the WWF, you might even see the otters trying to eat trout.
Among the various appearances there are still water insects such as dragonflies, efemers and trichomes, leaping birds, birds and other small mammals that will accompany you in this fascinating natural realm.

* Access to the Oasis must be authorized in advance by the Agerola Forest Station (081-825328) or headquarters (0823-354693).