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Wineries A. Sammarco s.n.c. of Raffaele Sammarco & C.

The Company
The Wineries A. Sammarco, boasting a family tradition of almost half a century, contributes to keeping the good name of Ravello, already famous for its monuments, music and landscaping beauty, high. The perfect combination of sun and sea breeze of the Amalfi Coast enhances the quality of the grapes, from which the A.Sammarco Wines get their wines. The wise work of winemaking, handed down from father to son, and the valuable collaboration of skilled oenologists have given results that enchant those who love to enjoy the best of the winery production of Ravello, Costa d'Amalfi.

Corporate Procuction
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. White Ravello "Klingsor Garden"
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. White Ravello "Gold of the Gods" (Barricaded)
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. Red Ravello "Garden of Klingsor"
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. Red Ravello "Gold of the Gods"(Barricaded)
• white, red, rosé, sparkling white wine

Offered Service
• Wine Road Map
• information material on the Road
• foreign language staff (English, French and German)
• wine tasting
• guided visit to the Wineries, with reference to winemaking and bottling
• selling corporate and typical products

Opening / closing time
• everyday
08.00 - 13.30 / 15.30 - 20.00


Wineries A. Sammarco s.n.c.
by Raffaele Sammarco & C.

Via Civita n. 45
84010 Ravello (SA)   

Tel. 089 872544
Fax 089 872389