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The Company
The Company is located in the ancient monastery of Santa Maria de Aquabona, part of a monastic complex of the Diocese of Scala which had two male abbeys and four monasteries.
Tradition believed it was founded on Romanis; Also some Benedictine authors assigned it to the VI century. It would be therefore contemporary to St. Benedict. The community still existed in the thirteenth century, then extinguished. The buildings went to ruin, and some of them were transformed into a farmhouse. The ancient chapel that Mons. Perimezzi (1710) describes as ornatum parrots was overwhelmed in a disastrous flood on the night of January 20, 1764. Some traces of monastic construction still exist at the fountain and on the agricultural ground, both of which are called the "Acquabona".

Offered services
• Wine Road Map
• Road Menu
• information material on the Road
• foreign language skills (English)
• overnight stay
• tasting of typical products and wines of the Road
• selling corporate and typical products
• participation in farm business activities

• 4 Rooms (with 9 beds)

Opening / closing time
• open all the year

Typical corporate production
• Lemons I.G.P. Amalfi Coast
• vegetables and fruits produced on the farm

Road Menu
• Appetizers with homemade cured meats and salads
• pasta and potatoes with onion
• pasta and fresh beans
• baked dumplings
• vegetable tagliolini
• rabbit in wet with cherry tomatoes
• baked chicken brew
• Mixed grilled meats and homemade pork

• Wines D.O.C. Amalfi Coast, Furore, Ravello, Tramonti


Location Acquabona
84010 Scala (SA)

Tel./Fax 089/858023
Mobile 328 2010433
Mobile 339 2081660


Legal Representative: Langella Cristofaro