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Ettore Sammarco s.n.c.

Wine House 

The Company
Ravello, a medieval village perched at 365 m above sea level in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, offers an unparalleled combination of pedoclimatic factors, enabling the cultivation of fine grapes for the production of D.O.C. Precisely in this wonderful scenario, Ettore Sammarco, who was already the owner of a farm, in 1962 crowned his dream in the foundation of the homonymous Casa Vinicola. It begins to produce, bottles and sell its wines, a precious work, done more for passion than for profit. Over time, the company has steadily increased its activity by specializing in the production of top quality wines. The flagship is the DOC Costa d'Amalfi Ravello White Vine Grove Piana whose vineyard is located in Ravello on the slopes of Monte Brusara at 500 m. s.l.m. Where the harvest is manual and yield per hectare and approx. 60 q with a production of 2 kg per strain. The last born in the Sammarco house are the Saracen lands, in the white one uses in part the Pepella grape which presents bunches with very small berries.
Today, Ettore Sammarco's wineries make use of the most advanced technology in production.
The company is headed by the Sammarco family, and Ettore is responsible for his son Bartolo of all stages of production, Maria Rosaria and Antonella, the other two children, who are in charge of administration and sales.

Corporate Production
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. White Ravello "Selva delle Monache"
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. Ravello Rosato "Selva delle Monache"
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. Red Ravello "Selva delle Monache"
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. Ravello Rosso Riserva "Selva delle Monache"
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. - White Ravello "Vigna Grotta Piana"
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. - White "Saracen Lands"
• Costa d'Amalfi D.O.C. - Red "Saracen Lands"

Offered Services:
• information material on the Road
• foreign language staff: (English and French)
• wine tasting
• guided tour of the wineries and vineyards
• selling corporate and typical products

Opening / closing period:
• open all year round
   Monday / Saturday: 09.00-13.00 - 16.00-19.00
   Sunday: 10.00-13.00

Ettore Sammarco s.n.c.
Winw House

Via Civita n. 9
84010 Ravello (SA)

Phone: 089/872774
Fax: 089/873391