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The Fjord of Furore

Il Fiordo di Furore

The path of bats maddening -

Route: Fjord of Furore -> Punta Tavola ( Conca dei Marini )

Travel Time: 30 minutes, in shadow, panoramic, easy access, from 30 m above sea level to 150 m above sea level

It starts from the fjord, along a path that penetrates a green orgy, cuts the Mill, tracks the canals and closes and arrives at the paper mill: lonely, silent, wrapped in a bunch of bats. Here the path bends to the right and hangs on the cliff to the top. Table: small plateau on the valley. Much more in it is the church of S. Michele. From here, in the center of Conca dei Marini, Piazza Olmo and the monastery of S. Rosa on the Amalfi - Agerola.