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Biological Company

The Company
The company only produces grapes produced in its vineyards by biological method, located in different locations in the commune of Tramonti: Monte di Grazia (550 m asl), Madonna del Carmine (400 m asl), Casa di Mario (270 sqm) Casina (444 m asl) and Vignarella (431 m asl) are all members of the DOC Costa d'Amalfi. An important feature is the presence of many centuries-old vines, which are now rare in national viticulture; Their large size, the traditional Etruscan-Roman atypical traditional breeding system, require a large number of skilled workers.
The total surface area is about three hectares.
The vineyard Monte di Grazia, located near the Chiunzi Valley, gives the name to the farm and the wine. In the Casina vineyard there is a building, on the ground floor, in the cellar. Upstairs an ancient ruin of a farmhouse, recently renovated with the features of bioarchitecture, respecting the original plant of the "sail" and "barrel" times and recovering the slab consisting of beams and chiancarelle of chestnut, furnished with Typical furniture and equipped with all the comforts is suitable for the enthusiastic wine tourists.
Vineyards are indigenous: Tintore, Piiedirosso, a black berry, Pepella, Ginestra and Biancatenera, a white berry.

Coporate Production:

• Costa D'Amalfi D.O.C. White Sunsets
• Campania I.G.T. Monte di Grazia Rosso
• Campania I.G.T. Mount of Grace White
• Campania I.G.T. Monte di Grazia Rosato
• Tintore Grappa
• chestnuts
• nuts
• various vegetables

Offered services
• Route wine map
• Road information
• Overnight accommodation
• Typical cuisine
• Guided tour of the farm and vineyards
• Wine tasting and typical products
• Sales of wines and corporate products

An apartment with 5 beds

Road Menù
• traditional local dishes
• First and second based on seasonal meat and vegetables
• Meals with fish of the peasant tradition: anchovies, sardines, stockfish and cod

• Wines DOC Amalfi Coast, Furore, Ravello, Tramonti
• Wines produced in the company

Opening / closing time
• Open all the year. Hosted hospitality by reservation

Winery and Agtitourism Company
Via Orsini, 36
84010  Frazione Polvica
Tramonti (SA)

Phone/Fax 089/876906
Mobile: 339 2255546

Sito web:

 Legal Representative: Dr. Arpino Alfonso