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Mountain Community Lattari Mountains

The Mountain Community Lattari Mountains  is a mountain community of Campania.

The Entity was established by the Regional Laws below:

1 - following the promulgation of the LL.RR. 12/2008 and 20/2008 was established the Montanari Mountain Communities of the Lattari Mountains constituted by the merging of the Montana Mountains Zone Sorrentina Peninsula and Amalfi Peninsula Area;

2 - pursuant to art. 20 paragraph 2 of the above mentioned L.R. 12/08, "the Mountain Communities referred to in paragraph 1, lett. (A), occur in the Montana Communities pre-existing in all active and passive relationships in existence and in all administrative management previously managed ";

It includes eight municipalities, four of which are in the province of Naples and four in the province of Salerno:: Agerola, Casola di Napoli, Corbara, Lettere, Pimonte, Sant'Egidio del Monte Albino, Scala, Tramonti.

The Mountain Community Lattari Mountain, as any other Mountain Community, is a Local Authority with statutory autonomy, consisting of Mountain and Partially Mountain Communities, governed by principles established by the Italian Constitution, national and regional laws and the rules of its statute.

Location of Tramonti

Registered office

Via Municipio - 11/B

Frazione Polvica - 84010 Tramonti (SA)

Tel.: +39 089 876354 - 089 876060

Fax: +39 089 876348



Location of Agerola

Operating Headquarters

Via Antonio Coppola - 1

Frazione San Lazzaro - 80051 Agerola (NA)

Tel. Centralino: +39 081 8025811

Fax: +39 081 8025834