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The path of Love

Il sentiero dell'Amore


Route: Church of S.Elia (Furore)

Travel Time: 10 minutes, in the sun, very panoramic, very easy access, flat, equipped with benches.

The route is short but intense. It is part of the district of S. Elia in Furore, on the Amalfi Coast and proceeds for five hundred meters at altitude. Start with a broad view of the sea of ??the divine Coast and open the path with a bronze depicting two lovers. Here the step is intense also because it is absolutely mandatory to do so in two and with the loved one.

At first, some majolica are found with phrases that invite you to reflect on love for life, loved one, and nature. The reflections silence the lovers and carry them in a moment of introspection where the memories of the memories are lit up and the promises are confirmed.
Amori's sentences tormented as storms or accompanied by "cries of cricket trembling", Amori compared to the blue of the sea with the energy of the Coastal Sun, Love as the only motive of life.
The more they read and the more, the lovers, they tighten their hands and close their waist. They swap a kiss, stop reading the last majolica with the sensations of the landscape, the scents and the sound of the beautiful words suggested by that mood. The majolics on the final hillside, in the middle of a panoramic pitch, invite you to reflect on the kind of love you experience and live. From Motherly Love to Free Love, from the Enthusiastic Love to the Spiritual Love.
The invitation is enough to leave here the memory of the moment and then find it intact, guarded for eternity, as entrusted to a new small home of feelings.
Here every smile melts, every look in love licking because it is facing a much greater truth than the words that your mouth can express. The promise is confirmed without a sentence and just a glimpse to understand being on the right track, both on the Passage of Love.

How to reach the place: The most convenient way is to reach S.Elia directly from the Amalfi Agerola road deviation. But if you want to make a better sense on the way, you start from the Furore Fjord, the magical fishermen's village on the Amalfi Coast. To reach S.Elia take the long staircase that climbs towards the mountain and, after about 30 minutes, comes close to the starting point. Training at many stairs is indispensable, but it can certainly be measured with an effort that was commonplace until fifty years ago. If you reach the Passage of Love walking by the fjord and come back smiling as you first will love you more, promised!