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Winery - Bed & Breakfast - Restaurant


The Company
The Reale family produces wines, conducts ultra-late vineyards, enrolled in D.O.C. Amalfi Coast, and Amalfi's bushy limonets from which it gets lemons I.G.P.
The Osteria Reale, born a few years ago by renovating a country house in "Gete" town of Tramonti, offers a traditional cuisine combining the flavors of this land with innovative flavors.
Care and attention to the choice of top-quality local produce, such as fresh pasta, seasonal vegetables, high-quality dairy products and meats, reflect the ancient deep, deep-rooted peasant root in these places.
The osteria, among other things, has some rooms, with simple and refined furnishings, equipped with every comfort, which offer the guest the right relaxation.

Offered services
• Wine Road Map
• Road menu
• information material on the Road
• English-speaking staff
• parking

• three  (3) rooms

Road Menù
• Spelled soup
• loud to the Getis
• white meats with vegetables

lemon ricotta flower I.G.P. Amalfi Coast

Wine List
•  place D.O.C. Amalfi Coast, Furore, Ravello, Tramonti
• produce products on the farm

Osteria Reale

Via Cardamone, 75
Frazione Geteazienda
84010 Tramonti (SA)   

Tel./Fax 089 856144