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The company
Along the direction of Valico di Chiunzi-Maiori, in the hamlet of Campinola di Tramonti, between the terraced terraces and the lush vineyards of the Amalfi Coast, Antonietta and Giuseppe welcome their guests in a happy oasis to rediscover the pleasure of good table and 'hospitality.
A particular environment makes it a valid and exclusive frame for dishes that roam the roots in the history of Mediterranean cuisine, where also the wine has its characteristic abode: an ancient circular cellar, dug into the rock, inviting to taste the nectar of the gods.
The chef proposes traditional dishes based on local produce, refined with taste, elegance and imagination, with a large portion of fresh produce pasta, along with a wide variety of breads, always prepared by the chef: nuts, Olives, lemon.

Offered services
• Wine Road Map
• Road menu
• information material on the Road
• foreign language staff (English and French)

Opening / closing time
• open all year, closed on Tuesdays

Road Menu
• cooked pasta and potatoes
• Spinach and bean soup
• noodles with chestnuts
• Tagliolini with zucchini and local caciocavallo flower
• spelled ravioli filled with fjordilate and pea cream
• potato gnocchi with cherry tomatoes
• ricotta and lemon ravioli
• Tagliolini with fresh fondue and pillow
• risotto at the Tramonti D.O.C. And sausage
• Pork fillet with Tintore
• pork rolls with sausage and caciocavallo
• Goat's cottage cheese and wild fennel

• semifreddo at the concert and nuts
• cassatine with goat cheese
• chocolate and almonds
• sfogliatine with annual apples
• Eggplant with chocolate and concert
• crostatine with ricotta and lemon

• Wines D.O.C. Amalfi Coast, Furore, Ravello, Tramonti

Cucina Antichi Sapori

Via Chiunzi, 72 - Frazione Campinola
84010  TRAMONTI  (SA)

Phone/Fax 089 876491


Legal Representative: Francese Giuseppe