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Wine City

Città del Vino

National Association

The protection of the quality of the products (local wine and productions) and the quality of the territories (environment, landscape, quality of life), their valorisation and promotion are the prerequisites for every possible growth and development policy, The founders of public administration and business.
By consolidating relations between businesses and territories, supported by the direct involvement of civil society, it is possible to plan and implement all the actions that are needed to support the socio-economic development of wine lands. The National Wine Wine Association, as a "network" of the areas with a strong wine-growing vocation, is a fundamental part of this development idea that sees the active participation of the Municipalities, the economic and social forces, the agricultural and wine-growing companies, A productive world of typicality, craftsmanship, commerce, culture and hospitality. A "network" that can consolidate its role as a political and institutional interlocutor at local, regional and national level through the Association and also as a participation and design tool to promote the growth of the territories, their development in the name of Sustainability and solidarity.

To achieve these goals, the Association has a leading group (Article 14 of the Statute - Association Bodies) which is expressed through the General Assembly of Shareholders; Regional and Interregional Coordination; The National Council; The President assisted by two Vice Presidents; The Executive Board. The activity is coordinated by the Director General.

The Association has also established an Honorary Board, Wine Ambassadors and Emeritus. The title of Ambassador is assigned to those who distinguish themselves in the activity of the Association and the promotion of its territory; The title of Ambassador Emerito is assigned to the personalities of the world of culture, art, economics, science and sport that stand out in the promotion of Italy's and abroad's richness of Italian civilization and Italian civilization . Appointment proposals are governed by the Regulations.


Wine City

National Association

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