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The wine roads,

according to the definition of the Italian institutional law, are “routes which are indicated and publicised with signposts, along which there are natural, cultural and environmental places of worth and interest, such as vineyards, wine cellars belonging to farms or farmsteads and which are open to the public.”

In order to function, they need a disciplinary framework which defines quality standards for those who belong to the initiative, a management committee, signposts, guidebooks as well as illustrative and promotional material.

Following the specific regulations drawn up by the Campania Regional authorities, “La strada del vino Costa d’Amalfi”  (“The Wine Road of the Amalfi Coast”) has been established.  There is a DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) certificate for three areas of the Amalfi Coast: Tramonti, Ravello and Furore.  The primary aim of our initiative is to enhance the internal areas of the territory, rivalled by a very important tourist area, which stretches along the road leading from Vietri to Positano.  The mountain area, on the other hand, is in many ways, excluded from development, despite offering extraordinary resources for the creation of a typical territorial product characterised by its own particular identity: the aim is, therefore, to redress the flow of tourism not in contrast with the coastal visitors but by integrating and concentrating on a specific segment of the market such as the wine “traveller” thus contributing to a harmonic development of the whole area.

Along these routes, the traveller will come across and visit the vineyards where the vines are cultivated and whose grapes are used for the DOC wines, as well as meeting the wine producers of the Amalfi Coast, who have received more and more recognition in recent years also on an international level.

It is an opportunity to appreciate the hospitality of the agriturismo farmsteads and taste typical products of the territory such as the IGP (Protected geographical indication) certified lemon, the chestnuts of Scala and Tramonti, and the tiny piennolo tomatoes of Furore.

The wine tourist will also be able to taste DOC wines, discover limoncello and other liqueurs made in the area, savour typical dishes of restaurants belonging to the “Wine Road” association, stay in hotels which are part of this initiative, as well as discovering local cheeses made from the fresh milk of flocks and herds which pasture in the mountains crowning the area.

All this in a unique landscape which has always produced great emotion in those visiting the area; the “Wine Road” has, together with churches and famous buildings, marvellous examples of architecture and unique places such as the Valley of the Forges (Valle delle Ferriere) between Scala and Amalfi and offers the wine tourist an opportunity to discover the history and the culture of the territory: which is certainly one of the most beautiful sensations that can be offered to the traveler.

Salvatore Grimaldi
President “Strada del Vino Costa d’Amalfi” – “Wine Road of the Amalfi Coast”