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The square from which the Coast begins, the main course of the country, the road that connects the state, all here is ceramic. Tens and dozens of workshops and workshops, guarded by the Palazzo della Ceramica Solimene, for a shopping that is suitable for all pockets and for every taste, surely always a bargain compared to the prices displayed in the city. Visit the Ceramics Museum with the pieces of the most famous artists such as Dolker, Kowalisk, Hannasch, organized at Villa Guariglia in the hamlet Raito. Raffaele Guariglia, ambassador of the government Badoglio, left the property to the Province of Salerno. Very beautiful churches, distributed in the center and in the hamlets of Raito, Albori and Marina, and observation Towers that oversee the coast of the commune and its beaches. From the sea, the guardians are the Two Brothers, two great rocks, similar to Faraglioni of Capri.

Not to be missed
Villa Guariglia - Ceramic Museum (Raito - Situated in a panoramic position on the Gulf of Salerno, the entrance is developed through a monumental portal and the villa is adorned, on the main side of four statues representing the four seasons.The palace consists of Two storeys plus one on the ground floor Among the memorable memorabilia we find a series of artistic and pictorial collections, the most famous being the so-called "Masaniello waxes", four small walnut reproductions of the Neapolitan hero. Museum from 9:30 to 13:30 and from 15:00 to 20:00 free entrance), Porto Sommerso (Fuente), Roman Baths (Private Property), Church of S. Margherita of Antioch in Albori (Raito - Rich of Significantly, around the slope of the main altar are the frescoed stucco molds and the molds of the altar of St. Francis of Paola), the Church of the Madonna dell'Arco (Raito - Frontone of the door finely dec Blossomed with the image of the Virgin, holding on her knees the ceramic childhood dating back to the beginning of the century. The majolica floor is also of considerable value - 1875), Church of S. Maria delle Grazie (Raito - 1540 - Preserved frescoes by Luca Giordano), Church of S. Antonio (Marina - Built in 1607 on the ruins of a temple In fact, between the columns and the mosaics, a colossal Priapo statue and an idolatry of fine workmanship have been found. Ceramic floors in elegant 18th century ceramics), Ceramica Solimene * (Of great architectural interest is the building of the ceramic art factory "Solimene ", Located in Via Madonna degli Angeli, was built by architect Paolo Soleri in 1951. It is an obvious expression of" organic architecture. "At the top floor of the building there is a ceramic school for beginners. Giovanni Battista (Xth century), Church of S. Maria degli Angeli (1201), Tower of Marina d'Albori (Private residence), Torre Vito Bianchi in Marina (15th century - Guardia di Finanza), Torre la Crest Arella (16th century)
The rocks called "The two brothers" (In front of the beach there are 2 conical rocks called for their resemblance "The two brothers")

Flavors, Pleasures, Handcraft
Wines DOC Costa d'Amalfi, IGP lemon Amalfi Coast, artistic ceramic workmanship.

Summer Concerts at Villa Guariglia (July-August), Villa Guariglia Jazz Clinics (July-August), Cycladic Festival (July), Saraca Festival (August), Summer Molinese (August - Summer Show), Suspend pizzas (September-June - Theatrical Review), Piano Performance A. Napoletano (November - International Piano Competition).

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