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The center of Amalfi is one of the most important destinations in Italy, rich in history and monuments not to be missed. In the pastry shops, a few steps away from the specialist shops selling doc wines from the Amalfi Coast, limoncello, fennel, laurel, mint and other infusions, limoncello babe, lemon cream, preserves of Citrus fruits and chestnuts and what else offers the tradition matured in the endless patience of the convents and houses where women waited for husbands who had gone to the fields or to fish. Many bars where to try the thousands of Amalfi ice cream faces, and yet the bread ovens, the fish farms, the great paper tradition. The tourist atmosphere of the harbor and ferries that go and heading to Positano and Capri is lost in the Arabian magic of the medieval alleys where there are opened a couple of wine bars able to give the best of the enology of the Coast, Campania and Italy . On the road to the Valle dei Mulini, an enchanted excursion where protoindustrial archeology is married to discover the most unspoiled nature of the area, we stop at the headquarters of the Amalfitanan Cooperative for the Transformation of Citrus trees to explore the various phases under lemons pergolas Of the processing of limoncello and other infusions of the Earth of Mermaids. Other excursions to do that on Mount Pogerola replanted in the postwar period with black pine and Aleppo pine and in the woods attached to the historic Capuchin Convent, where the typical Mediterranean scrub with the myrtle and the corbezzolo reigns. The Amalfi restaurant is of a high standard, from the cuisine of research strongly rooted in the flavors of the territory to the dishes of tradition.

Not to be missed
Museum of peasant history (9,30 -13,00 / 16,00 - 19,00 - Free admission), Civic Museum (8,00 - 14,00 / 16,00 - 20,00 - Free admission. The famous Tabula civitatis Amalpha, the old maritime code of commerce in force in the Mediterranean until the 17th century and the famous "cartons" of Morelli, from which the mosaics of the Duomo were made), Museo de la Carta * (9,00 - 13, 00, excluding Mondays and Fridays Located in the Valle dei mulini, it is made up of an old paper mill factory and a library of about 3000 texts on the origins of the paper.) Interesting retrospective of photorephic works of old paper mills, Duomo di After the collapse of the façade - 1861 - it was rebuilt with the realization of the mosaic of "Christ in the throne between the symbols of the Evangelists and the earthly podestas" and Twelve Apostles In the crypt are the remains of S. Andrea transported by Constantinople On the return of the Fourth Crusade; Rich in bronze and sculptures; (1268 - The architectural complex is annexed to the Duomo and represents one of the main examples of Romanesque-Amalfi), Basilica of the Crucifix * (IX century). On a pillar between the central nave And the lateral side is a splendid Madonna on the throne of the fifteenth century. From August 1995 it is home to the Museum of Sacred Art), Church and belltower of S. Pietro a Tovere (XIII century), Capo Tower of Vettica, S Church (1179 - A church with a square cross-section existing in Amalfi), Castle and remains of the Tower of Pogerola, Cloister of S. Pietro in Tuczolo (1212 - Attached to the Cappuccini Hotel For congress halls and international conferences, it is the first in chronological order of the three Moorish cloisters that came to Amalfi during the thirteenth century), aristocratic palace of the Vallenula district (The aristocratic domus of the end of the 12th century presents the On the ground floor there is a colonnade with medieval capitals and, on the upper, double and cruise lines. On the top floor there is the palace chapel), Arsenals of the republic * (IX century, with cruise lines and ogival arches, there were built the famous galleys with over one hundred owls, carrying Oriental spices and precious fabrics. (986), Cloister of the Minor Conventual Fathers (1200 - The cloister is attached to the hotel Moon), Tower of the Tumulus or Capo d ' Atrani (Currently serving the restaurant and disco "Torre Saracena").
It is possible to take a guided tour with a path from the Cloister Paradiso - Sacred Art Museum - Basilica of the Crucifix - Cathedral and Crypt, from 9am to 8pm, from March to October; From 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.30 to 17.30 from November to February. Incoming payment.

Flavors, pleasures, crafts
Wines DOC Amalfi Coast, IGP lemon Amalfi Coast, lemon liqueur and similar (cremoncello, jams, babbà, honey) products from Amalfi pastries, ice cream, artistic pottery; Famous for the Amalfi paper tradition.

Historical Regatta of the Maritime Republics (The event, annually, alternating between the four Maritime Republics, is a historical-cultural and agonistic re-enactment. Each Republic participates in the historic procession with a minimum of eighty figures on foot and on horseback, with clothes that The culminating moment of the event is the Historical Regatta of the four galleons, each composed of eight rowers plus the helmsman, on a 2000-meter course, each hull mounted the symbols of its own city and (27th of June - 30th of November), Smeraldo (Smeraldo) television premiere ( September), Show Cribs (December), Weekly Market (Wednesday).

Town Hall of Amalfi

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Town of Amalfi

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