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In the smallest municipality of Italy, an impressive amount of monumental beauty is concentrated, from the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Maddalena to the churches of San Salvatore de Birecto, Santa Maria Immacolata, Santa Maria del Bando, Carmine, San Michele Fuori Le Mura . Also worth seeing is the Dragon Tower, the Grotto of Saints, and the Chapel of Saint Geltrude. Atrani close between the high pareteroccious and the sea, at the outlet of the Dragon Valley, offers the spectator a fantastic picture that perhaps has an echo in the theology of his name: Atranum dictum est ab obscuro. The country is crossed by the small dragon stream and has a sheltered and sheltered beach. The urban structure is typically medieval on the "borgo" system around the churches of S. Maddalena, S. Salvatore, S. Michele del Carmine, S. Rosalia, S. Maria del Bando. Architectural lines recall Arab culture of the alley and Casbah, for interchanges with the Mediterranean populations. Of particular interest is the small square in the form of an amphitheater overlooking the Church of the Birecto. Founded as Amalfi during the decadence of the Roman Empire, it was inhabited by the noblest part of the population of the republic, in which the Dogs were crowned and buried.

Not to be missed
Collegiate of St. Mary Magdalene (1274 - The facade is considered the only example of rococo on the Amalfi coast, the cupola is a mahogany, the square bell tower, preserves the table of Andrea da Salerno depicting the "S incredulity The church of S. Salvatore de Birecto (X century - The bronze door and the marble pluteous) are welcome; Church of S. Maria Immacolata (Lowered barrel vault with remarkable neoclassical decorative motifs), Church of S. Salvatore de Birecto S. Maria del Bando (XII - On a rocky hill overlooking the whole urban center of Atrani), Grotta dei Santi (Ruderi of a Benedictine monastery), Carmine Church (1601 - Presents a characteristic crib of 1600), Church Of S. Michele outside the walls (XII century - Note especially for the time of the plague marked on the wall - year1656 - and for its singular and bizarre construction genre), S. Geltrude Chapel (1687).

Flavors, pleasures, crafts
Wines DOC Amalfi Coast, IGP lemon Amalfi Coast, Sarchiapone prepared with pumpkin cilinders, stuffed with minced meat and local cheese cooked in tomato sauce, typical Atena cheese, cake pastry (delicate cake of short pastry stuffed with Pastry cream and jam jam), lemon cake

Concert Café (July and August), Summer Atrani (July and August), Blue Fish Festival (3rd week of August), Historical Court of the Maritime Republics (June with four-year cadence - The historic procession starts right from Atrani to the nearby Amalfi ). Byzantine New Year (1st September), Atrani Borgo Crib (December 8 - January)


Town Hall of Atrani

Via dei Dogi
84010 Atrani (SA)
Phone 089 871185
Fax 089 871484