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Between rocks, bounavillas and breathtaking views, you will come to Cetara, the last tuna still in activity on the Coast, becoming a village of taste thanks to the activity of its restaurateurs who launched a uniquely unique product, the Alice crunch, Slow Food Presidium, Whose trademark was recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture. The Casting, the heir of the Roman Garum, is an amber liquid obtained from the alice's drying process, adopted by all-round catering and widely appreciated all over the world, beginning with Japanese and Far East tourists. Along with the tuna, preserved and cooked in a thousand ways, it represents the characterizing element of the village of the Coast that more than any other is marked by fishing. To see splendid churches and convents. Very beautiful the three main beaches of the municipal area, separated by rocks and very suggestive creeks, a must the stroll on the harbor, the largest on the coast, where the fishing boats find their hunting after tuna hunting. To buy slicing anchovies in the two laboratories in the country, fresh fish from fishermen or fishmongers.

Not to be missed
Church of S. Pietro Apostolo (988 - The fisherman Grandonetto Aulisio, the oriundo of Cava, is buried, who saved from Salerno in Naples Prince Frederick, second son of King Ferdinand I of Aragon, in 1845, thereby escaping the baron conspiracy It has a majolica dome), church and convent of S Francesco (1585 - It has a frescoed cloister, the church has a tuffed portal decorated to the base, paintings on the vault, today is the seat of the Town Hall), St. Mary's Church Of Constantinople (Significant decorative motifs of Neoclassical imprint), Vicere Tower (Private Property)

All tuna - (August - tuna tasting on the harbors of the harbor in the various specialties: grilled, pizzaiola, scapece, tuna tubs, risotto with tuna), Discovering the ancient flavors (December - Conventions and tastings in restaurants Procession of the Holy Patron Saint Peter Apostle, (June 29), Procession of the Immaculate Conception (December 8).

Flavors, pleasures, crafts
Wines DOC Costa d'Amalfi, IGP lemon Costa d'Amalfi, sprouting of algae.


Town Hall of Cetara

Corso Umberto I, - 84010 Cetara (SA)
Tel. 089 262911
Fax 089 262912