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Along a road that gives you every breathtaking landslide suspended between the sea and the sky you will not notice that you have come to Furore because in reality this is the country that is not there, the only one without a square. They were farmhouses spread among the terraces inhabited by farmers, shepherds, and some noble families who left their name to places and streets. Recovered autonomy only in 1947, Furore had, since the end of the 70s, a decisive process of qualification through the arrangement of the streets, the restoration of the protoindustrial village of the Fjord, where Anna Magnani and Roberto Rossellini liked to quarrel, murals and The sculptures of artists called to collect once a year. In addition to the wine culture, Furore is characterized by the presence of agritourisms, B & Bs and hotels, as well as for the production of oil and figs of India. Numerous excursions, including the one that engages the famous Path of the Gods, the ride in the Fjord is the most impressive offer of the Coast. The name Furore came from the particular fury that the sea takes on stormy days and nights and the fringes of the waves on the cliff overlooking the fjord, with scary and deafening noises. His original name was earth furoris (earth of fury).

Not to be missed
St. Barbara Cave (Rocky settlement of the tenth century, in front of it, peaking on a rocky cliff, the remains of an ancient church with some frescoed walls), Saint Giacomo Church (It rises to the year one thousand And has frescoes of great value, the current church overlying it was built in 1330. The bell tower is surmounted by a beautiful vault covered with majolica), S. Elia's Church (dates back to 1200, a valuable triptych by Antonello da Capua), Church of S. Michele Arcangelo. Fjord and fishermen's village (The mountainous mountain that crashes to the sea is cut by numerous gorges, the most characteristic being called the "The Smacked" by the name of a stream that supplied energy to numerous paper factories and mills. , Through a charming staircase to the beach, set on the side of the mountain, you can see beautiful and charming remains of a well-restored fishing village).

Flavors, pleasures, crafts
Wines DOC Amalfi Coast, IGP lemon Amalfi Coast, fresh fusilli at Tramontina, fried fish vermicelli, spinach and bean soup, fresh trophies with porcini mushrooms, scallops with cherry tomatoes, Nannarella sauce, turnips and potatoes, Lemon curl thread, lemon leaf rabbit, smoked smoked quince on lemon leaf, chocolate eggplant.

Events and Festivals
Marmaeting (Diving from the Great Heights - Early Sunday in July), Walls in search of author (September - competition-exhibition of mural painting), Cicada's Days (August), Christmas Furore (December-January), Furore Journalism Prize (First Sunday of October).


Town Hall of Furore

Via Mola, 29
84010 Furore (SA)
PHone 089 874100
Fax 089 874491


Town of Furore

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Town of Furore

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Furore - Conca dei Marini

Town of Furore

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Church of S.Elia - Furore

Town of Furore


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Town of Furore

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