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From Maiori to Minori there is only one step, a walking stroll to the sea along the state stolen from the rock. The Villa Romana, the Antiquarium, the Basilica of Santa Trofimena and the small beach surrounded by the palaces are the heart of the village, even if you are visiting the churches of Santa Lucia, San Gennaro and Santa Maria del Rosario, the convent and the St. Nicholas Church, the Belfry of the Annunziata and the two coastal towers, Paradiso and Mezzacapo. Worth a trip to St. Nicholas Woods. Minori is also a village of good eating thanks to the renowned pastry, which offers typical pastries, crafts of limoncello, pasta with the reproduction of ndunderi, perhaps the first modern pasta, restaurants, fishmongers where there is always something special , The wine cellar to find all the novelties of the Amalfi Coast and Campania and sample some dishes.

Not to be missed
Villa Romana with Antiquarium * (1st century - Visable for free from 9am to 7pm.) The building is built around a large courtyard, originally a garden with a pool in the center, surrounded by a porch open on three sides in large arches where you can notice The fourth side is occupied by the nymphaeum, decorated with stuccoes, frescoes and mosaics of the Pompeian type, denouncing works from the II half of the 1st century AD), Basilica of S. Trofimena * (Interesting marble pulpit of the 1616. The lower basilica contains the remains of S. Trofimena), Convent and church of St. Nicholas, Sanctuary of S. Maria delle Grazie (XI century), Campanile dell'Annunziata (XII century - Beautiful decoration on the terrace on three of the four The facade of the tower and the drum), Fountain of the Lions, Church of St. Lucia (Xth century - Wooden chorus, water tower, wooden Baroque altar), Church of S. Gennaro and St. Mary of the Rosary (Baroque interior) Paradise Coast (XVI sec.), Coastal Coast Mezzaca bit.

Flavors, pleasures, crafts
Wines DOC Costa d'Amalfi, IGP lemon Amalfi Coast, lemon and similar liquor, flavored oils, extra virgin olive oil PDO Salernitan hills, ndunderi, kneaded with local semolina and ricotta and seasoned with tomato fillet, lemon sweets, sweet With ricotta and pears, artistic ceramics and glass decoration.

Review of polyphonic choirs of the Amalfi Coast (January), Conservatory diaries (May-June - Concerts with the students of the conservatory G. Martucci of Salerno), Patronal Festival (July 13), Amalfi Coast Music & Arts (July - Festivals and concerts), Limonet guided tours, Annunziata bell tower, Romantic Villa Marittima archaeological site, S.Trofimena Basilica and Old Town (July-August), Color Minor (July-August - Cultural, Theatrical and Musical Events) Jazz on the Coast (July-August), ApeRT08 (July-August-September - Exhibitions of Contemporary Art in the showroom of Minori), GustaMinori (September), Saturday of the village in Torre (September)


Town Hall of Minori

Cantilena Square - 84010 Minori (SA)
Tel. 089 8542411
Fax 089 852875


Town of Minori

From Ravello to Minori

Villa Rufolo (Ravello) - Minori

Town of Minori

At the Convent of St. Nicholas

from Maiori to Minori (Convent of San Nicola) to Ravello (Località Lacco)

Town of Minori

Gerardo della Mura


Town of Minori

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