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Wineries are right at the start of the road that leaves the state and climbs to Ravello, the City of Music, celebrated by Wagner and visited by artists, writers, musicians, intellectuals, actors, entrepreneurs, heads of state, Church men . A compelling destination thanks to its celebrated square overlooking the Duomo di San Pantaleone, the great hotels that have made history of high quality hospitality in the Coast and Italy, the famous view of Villa Cimbrone with its terrace suspended Eternal, the mysterious gardens of Villa Rufolo where summer concerts, palaces, churches and even the Towers, the streets and the walks in the area are held. We are in the heart of the Amalfi Coast, with the wine cellars that propose the wines of Amalfi Coast, restaurants, limoncello workshops and typical infusions of the Coast that have been very successful since the '90s. A meeting point between the sea of ??the coast and the chestnut woods of Scala and Tramonti.

Not to be missed
Palazzo Rufolo * (It was erected between 1270 and 1280 by the equally powerful Ravellese family, bankers of Carlo d'Angiò. In 1975 it was taken over by the Provincial Tourism Office of Salerno. A tree-lined avenue, you reach the three-story palace, to the right there is a square-shaped courtyard, similar to a two-storey cloister of loggias on columns restored to a large extent, through the avenue you reach the terrace of Richard Wagner, so called Because here, on May 26, 1880, the musicality of lights and colors inspired the scenic picture of the garden of Klingsor. Since 1983, it hosts the "European University Center for Cultural Heritage" established under the auspices of the Council of Europe. Rufolo * is open to the public from 9am to 6pm, during the winter and from 9am to 8pm in the summer. Entrance with ticket. Antique Store in Villa Rufolo can only be visited on request) Villa Cimbrone * (Includes a building with two towers and a courtyard built with ancient fragments. The beautiful villa was built in 1904 by Lord Grimthorpe. A door enters the so-called "crypt" of medieval imitation, with a terrace open to the sea. To the right there is a four-storey, square square defense tower, embedded in the castle; In front of another tower, ending with prisms and covered with majolica; To the right an atrium, called sirens; Then comes to the temple of Ceres and then to a terrace, adorned with statues depicting the seven kings of Rome. Through a path you reach the belvedere, where, in addition to the panorama, you can admire the bronze statue of Mercury. Visit the Eva cave and the Bacco temple, where the ashes of Lord Becket are guarded), Duomo di S. Pantaleone * (1807 - The simple façade, restored in the central part, preserves the original building with three eyes and a bifore The medieval marble portal is enclosed by a precious bronze door of Barisano da Trani -1179-, divided into 54 squares, inside mosaics and marbles of rare beauty, to the right of the church there is the bell tower dating to the first half of the The miracle of the liquefaction of the saint takes place every year on July 27 - The Museum of the Duomo is annexed -9.30 to 13 and from 15 to 19. Free entrance), S. Giovanni del Toro Church * (The facade is open From three portals, on the left is a low bell tower of Arab-Sicule shapes, the interior with three aisles closed by eight columns), Church of S. Maria a Gradillo (XII century - A three naves, here "solemnly took the captain General of the whole Amalfi ducat "and the nobles Ravello's Church "met to discuss public matters"), Church of S. Martino, Fontana Moresca, Parsifal Hotel former Convento degli Agostiniani, Church of Our Lady of the Hospital (XI century), Albergo Caruso ex Palazzo D'Afflitto (Presenta The entrance portal flanked by jambs, columns and architectural remains of the church of S. Eustacchio di Potone in Scala), Palazzo Sasso ex Palumbo Hotel, Castello Della Marra Castle, Palumbo Hotel Palazzo Confalone (13th century - Preserves the courtyard of the 13th century constituted Bishop's columns on which acute bows are engraved), Palazzo Episcopio (XII century - The rooms retain the original majolica floors and a fresco depicting the coat of arms of Bishop Rufolo. In this palace Vittorio Emanuele III signed the decree of abdication), Church of St. Francis (1222 - Under the altar there is the body of Blessed Bonaventure of Potenza, who died in 1711), Church and Monastery of St. Chiara Tiled floor), Church of SS Annunziata, Church of S. Maria delle Grazie (Ceramic floor), Church of S. Pietro alla Costa, Church of S. Michele Arcangelo in Torello (The second floor has an interesting decoration around a monofore), Torre Civita, Tower of Scarpariello (Atypical construction for factory height difference).

Flavors, pleasures, crafts
Wines DOC Amalfi Coast, IGP lemon Amalfi Coast, artistic ceramics and glass decoration.

Ravello Festival (June / October - classical and chamber music, jazz, dance, literary encounters, art and photography exhibitions, theater, new trends), international chamber music meetings (March / June and September / November) (July / August), Christmas and New Year's Eve in Ravello (December / January - Traditions, shows, plays, theater), Easter (Holy Week events, Via Crucis in costume) , May Day (July 27), Fire and Torchlight of Torello (Third Sunday of September)


Town Hall of Ravello

Via San Giovanni del Toro, 1 - 84010 Ravello (SA)
Tel. 089 857122
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Town of Ravello

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Town of Ravello

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Town of Ravello

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Town of Ravello

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Town of Ravello

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Town of Ravello

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