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Right in front of Ravello there is Scala whose center is lying between the hamlets of Campidoglio, Minuta, Pontone and Santa Caterina. The city of one hundred churches, the refuge of Sant'Alfonso Maria de 'Liguori, binds its name mainly to the chestnut that is celebrated with a holiday that is renewed every year. Spectacular the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, but there are many monuments and historic buildings not to be missed, including the Ziro tower, where Giovanna d'Aragona was chased by legend. It is also part of the Valle de Ferriere that begins in Amalfi. There are countless naturalistic itineraries that you can go through in the woods of the surroundings.

Not to be missed
Duomo di S. Lorenzo * (It dates back to the 12th century, expanded and transformed in the 14th century The interior is made up of three naves with a Romanesque basilica, transformed in the XVII-XVIII centuries with stucco decoration in the pillars and walls, full of paintings, At the bottom of the middle nave there are the original remains of the floor of 1853, with the center a large coat of arms of the city), Church of S. Maria della Porta, Church of S. Caterina (Church of Byzantine style), Church Of S. Pietro (Typical style of local medieval architecture), Casa Romano (Great building of baroque age, with solemn portal, covered and uncovered loggias, lovely mistilinee windows), Palazzo de Saxo, Ruderi of the Campanile of S. Maria della Neve (It is still possible to see the decoration at the court), Church and promonastero of the Redemptorist Sisters (1364), Redemptorist Fathers Chapel, Bishop's Palace (The ancient courtyard with a loggia on two floors), Palazzo Mansi D'Amelio Courtyard with medieval vestiges), St. Alfonso's Cave, Church SS. Annunziata di Minuta (X century - It is one of the most significant examples of Roman architecture on the coast, in the crypt an important cycle of frescoes), St. John's Church of Water (Unlike the bell tower the church is small, poor, Franciscan simplicity), former monastery of S. Cataldo (XI century - From its churchyard it is possible to enjoy a striking view of the coastline below), Casa Nobile (Bagno Arabo), Ruderi Basilica of S. Eustacchio (The ancient basilica remains only The magnificent ruins of the three apses), Palazzo Verrone, Spina-Campanile Palace, S. Filippo Neri's Church, Bishop's House, Church and Campanile of St. John the Baptist (XII century), Church of S. Maria delle Carmine (Preceded by a Castrum Scalellae "(It rises on the rocky peak of Pontone mountain. The castle is perched but has left many traces of the surviving walls of which the tower still stands Of Ziro, which constitutes the lower sector of the fortifications surrounding the entire perimeter of the city of Scala for a linear development of 10 km. It is reported that in the Tower of Zito in 1510 he was "barbarously chopped" "Joan of Aragon", Duchess of Amalfi, reason for marrying the first butler after the death of his husband, Duke Alfonso Piccolomini.)

Flavors, pleasures, crafts
Wines DOC Costa d'Amalfi, IGP lemon Amalfi Coast, Chestnut Brown Scala, pasta and potatoes with onion, pasta and beans, roasted eggplant, sausage with cartoccio

Scala meets New York (August 11th-11th), Christmas together (December - Living crib, cribs show, theatrical performances, Jesus' deposition of Jesus, starship launch and fireworks and polyphonic choirs), Summer Scalese (June - September), Chestnut Festival (October)

Town Hall of Scala

Piazza Municipio
84010 Scala (SA)
Phone 089 857115
Fax 089 858977


Town of Scala

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Town of Scala

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Town of Scala

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Town of Scala

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