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The cold and strong wind blowing from the mountains to the sea, called by the sailors around the world "Tramontana", is named after Tramonti. The Amalfi marines were thus calling the wind that, striking through the mountains, sprang from the Chiunzi Range to the sea.
This ancient mountain resort unique to the world from whose mountains you see the sea for a few centuries was the most populated of the Amalfi Coast. It develops on the wooded and wavy Mount of Chiunzi and it is presented as a sparse inhabited with majestic and gentle hills mostly cultivated by panoramic vine sunsets.

panorama tramonti

Encircled in the deep and green valleys of the Lattari Mountains, which is named the "green heart" of the Costad'Amalfi, it is divided into thirteen scattered villages that naturally divide the landscape, landscape and historical- cultural.
The country extends over a territory of Km 24,24 on which is concentrated an important part of the vineyards of the Costiera where the cultivation of the "European vine" has been cultivated since ancient times, as evidenced by the numerous and prominent presence in almost all Vineyards of the country, of centuries-old plants, often a destination of tourists. The land of Tramonti for its particular fertility, as well as producing an excellent DOC wine, also produces lemon balm, chestnuts "Marrone di Scala", "Sorrentine" nuts and DOP olive oil "Colline Salernitane".
Lastly, particular interest is the production of legumes, cereals and other vegetables and the cultivation of barley that some farmers transform into spelled called "pearl barley", using a rude instrument of the Middle Ages called "Brilliant".


Not to be missed
Church of S.Erasmo (Frazione Picara - Rebuilt in 1412 on the ruins of the ancient church), Regio Conservatorio di San Giuseppe e Teresa (Frazione Picara - 1662 - Educated seat, with great religious significance from 1723 to 1900. It is here that The Sisters gave birth to the "concert", typical liqueur of barley and aromatic herbs), Convent of Saint Francis with anchored church (Frazione Pelvica - 1474 - On the altar interesting triptych in marble bas-relief), Villa Romana (Frazione Polvica - Sec. AD), Cappella Rupestre and Cave of the Angel (Frazione Gete - Sec. VIII-XII - Cappella hollowed in a cave and inscribed in a square of nine meters on the side), Ascension Church (Frazione Paterno S. Church of Sant'Elia (Frazione Paterno S. Elia - Presents an elegantly carved lava stone portal), Chiesa dell'Annunziata (Frazione) - Church of Sant'Elia (Frazione Paterno S.Elia - Romanesque church with quadrangular and four-storey bell tower) Figlino - Sec. IX - It stands on pre-existing nuclei, one Byzantine and two in the 14th and 17th centuries), Church of S.Pietro Apostolo (Frazione Figlino - XIV century - Byzantine style bell tower), Torre di Chiunzi (Frazione Campinola- Construction started around the year 1000 was completed in 1454), Castle of Santa Maria La Nova (1457- Of the ancient rectangular castle, there are only a few remnants and a small church rebuilt).


Flavors, pleasures, crafts
Wines DOC Amalfi Coast, IGP lemon Amalfi Coast, pizza (in Tramonti, the tradition of pizza becomes an art exported around the world by about 1,500 traders, who here find their historical and cultural roots) Pasta and beans, pasta and stuffed potatoes, pasta and chickpeas, spelled and beans, zitoni with zucchini and local ricotta, lemon noodles, lemon ricotta flower, goat's ricotta and wild fennel, ricotta and lemon ravioli, butterflies with cherry tomatoes Small and smoked provola, tagliatelle and chestnuts, fresh cabbages with goat's rags, fresh fusilli to Tramontina, goat's stew, pork tenderloin to Tintore, pork derived from local farms, cow and ovine cheeses, stuck with Potatoes or salad, codfish, turnips and potatoes, marinated anchovies, cakes of Christmas and Easter tradition, typical sweet eggplant, ricotta cake and pear and jam, lemon and marmalade jam, liquor Typical craft crafts such as limoncello, nocino, fennel, artistic ceramics, glass decoration, baskets, iron and wood processing.


Town Hall of Tramonti

Piazza Treviso, 1
84010 Tramonti (SA)
Phone 089856811
Fax 089876522


Town of Tramonti

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Town of Tramonti

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